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Thomas Massie

During COVID, everyday Americans had to live under rules made by Congress that didn’t apply to Congress


Liberty Tree

The government wants you to trust them with your 'digital ID'

Thomas Massie

Massie's lapel debt clock: I wanted to 'instill anxiety among my colleagues. It’s hit the mark'

Roll Call reports, “It’s not a doomsday clock or a pedometer, though it’s been confused for both.

The copper-cased ticker affixed to Rep. Thomas Massie’s lapel is a debt clock, tracking the country’s debt in real time using a complicated algorithm of the Kentucky Republican’s design — and raising eyebrows in the process.

Since Massie, who has voiced reservations about hiking the debt ceiling, debuted the device in late January, he’s worn it around the halls of Congress, to votes and at an event in his home district…

Massie, who studied electrical and mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, first got the idea around Christmas and decided to order the parts. They include an Arduino ESP32, an advanced microcontroller that he programmed to scrub current and historic debt totals posted on the U.S. Treasury’s website to approximate the real-time debt, which exceeds $31.5 trillion and has hit the country’s statutory borrowing cap.

The difficult part of the process, Massie said, was writing the roughly 500 lines of code that feed the ticker — including programming that gives the steadily growing number a blurred effect, to hammer home the growth of the country’s mounting debt. ‘My design specification was to instill anxiety among my colleagues,’ Massie said. ‘And it’s hit the mark.’

With or without his debt clock, there’s anxiety enough to go around the Capitol regarding the debt ceiling.”

Read the entire story.

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We need to target all wasteful government spending and end it for good

Liberty Tree

The more we learn about Covid vaccines in young healthy people, there more concern there is

Thomas Massie

End the COVID emergency now

Liberty Tree

What the 2nd Amendment is for

Liberty Tree

Marxist ideas are undermining our kids' belief in the greatness of this country

Liberty Tree

Government is the problem

Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes, "What's worse than inflation? The government trying to help with inflation… or trying to help with anything, really. You know it. I know it. And a whole lot of other Americans may know it, too. In the latest Gallup poll, more than one-fifth of respondents—21 percent—cited the government and/or poor leadership as the nation's top problem.

When it comes to perceived problems, the government and poor leadership beat out inflation (cited by 15 percent of respondents), immigration (11 percent), the economy in general (10 percent), racism/race relations (5 percent), and crime/violence (4 percent).

Viewing government as problematic was a bipartisan affair, too. Government was cited as the most important problem by 24 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in the poll and by 18 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents."

Read the entire column.

Jack Hunter

Adam Schiff is the king of misinformation

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