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Rand Paul

Rand Paul

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Rand Paul

Biden wants to further bankrupt next generation with $3.5 trillion bill

"Biden keeps trying to sell his $5,000,000,000,000 social welfare bill as benefiting 'the children.'


Who does he think is going to pay off this spending and debt? Not any of us. We will be dead.

CTUP in partnership with FreedomWorks has calculated how much every child born today would have to pay in higher taxes over the next 30 years if the Biden plan is enacted.

We will be bequeathing $300,000 of debt repayment to every child born today by 2050 in today’s dollars.

On behalf of my children and yours: gee, thanks, Joe."

Rand Paul

We still need to recover illegitimate PPP loans to Planned Parenthood

The Washington Examiner's Christopher Tremoglie writes, "Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is leading the charge to hold the Small Business Administration accountable for sending funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America using Paycheck Protection Program loans. This is the latest valiant attempt by Paul and the minority members of the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee to prevent the SBA from inexplicably providing funds to affiliates of the abortion giant throughout the country.

'The Small Business Administration has been illegally giving taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood entities across America,' Sen. Rand Paul told me. 'Today, I led the minority members of the Small Business Committee in standing united in opposition to allowing a vote on the SBA’s nominee for Deputy Administrator until the SBA Administration takes action to recover the wrongfully acquired funds.”

Read the entire column.

Rand Paul

You should probably read this thread (re: Wuhan)

The Telegraph reports, "Wuhan scientists were planning to release enhanced airborne coronaviruses into Chinese bat populations to inoculate them against diseases that could jump to humans, leaked grant proposals dating from 2018 show."

Read the thread. GO:

Keep going...

Rand Paul

Paul blasts Intelligence agencies' unconstitutional surveillance

The Daily Caller reports, "Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray Tuesday over his alleged bias in connection to the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation.

During the Crossfire Hurricane investigation launched Jul. 31, 2016, which evaluated whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, the FBI applied for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrants to conduct surveillance against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

'If you’re not a U.S. citizen and you’re investigating someone overseas and you’re eavesdropping on them, I’m actually fine with the FISA standard,' Paul said. 'But I’m not fine with the FISA standard for Americans, particularly Americans that are running for office. Particularly for the person running for the highest office who is interconnected with all kinds of countries and always will be.'

The Kentucky senator said the Intelligence agencies can 'take over our political process' and advised Wray that the FISA system should be reformed to prevent American citizens from being future targets...'

'And if you don’t see there’s a problem and that we need more controls on this and that we need to somehow obey the Constitution, I would say the same for President Biden, I would say the same for a president of any party,' Paul said."

Read the entire story.

Rand Paul

Did Blinken lie under oath about drone killing?

The New York Post reported on September 14, Sen. Rand Paul "questioned Blinken over the identity of the person the Biden administration 'droned' after reports emerged that an innocent aid worker and his family were killed instead of the intended ISIS-K target.

The secretary of state told the hearing that the identity of the person was still being reviewed.

'So you don’t know or won’t tell us?' Paul pressed the nation’s top diplomat. 'I don’t, I don’t know, because we’re reviewing it,' Blinken responded."

Rand Paul

Monoclonal antibody treatment works Monoclonal antibody treatment works

Recent data showed that monoclonal antibody treatment cuts the risk of death and hospitalization by 70% in high-risk patients and reduces the chance of infection among a household by 80%.

Monoclonal antibodies have only just begun to be mentioned by the mainstream media, and misinformation still plagues government bureaucrats when discussing this scientifically-backed treatment…

Even if the patient is willing to pay for the monoclonal antibody treatment, he wouldn’t be able to acquire it because our government owns it all. It should scare every American, as this shows a glimpse at what socialized medicine would look like. Even if you can afford a life-saving drug, the government gets to dictate who receives it.

Government’s one-size-fits-all approach medicine is preventing physicians from prescribing life-saving drugs like monoclonal antibodies.

Read my entire column.

Rand Paul

Making kids under 6 mask isn’t science, it’s child abuse

The New York Post editorial board writes, "Young children, as the world has known for months now, just aren’t prone to contract or transmit the coronavirus. Even the few who contract it are rarely symptomatic.

And masking is terrible for many of them: They’re still at a stage of growth where seeing faces and expressions is vital to developing cognitive and social skills. Children with certain disabilities, in particular, need to see teachers’ faces and lips to learn…

You can argue that the 10 percent reduction justifies mandates for adults, teens and perhaps tweens. But there’s absolutely no rationale for forcing masks on tots. That mandate is clearly anti-science."

Read the entire editorial.

Rand Paul

Washington Post: Natural immunity to COVID is real and Biden won't say so

The Washington Post's Marty Makary writes, "It’s okay to have an incorrect scientific hypothesis. But when new data proves it wrong, you have to adapt. Unfortunately, many elected leaders and public health officials have held on far too long to the hypothesis that natural immunity offers unreliable protection against covid-19 — a contention that is being rapidly debunked by science.

More than 15 studies have demonstrated the power of immunity acquired by previously having the virus. A 700,000-person study from Israel two weeks ago found that those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic covid infection than those who were vaccinated...

So, the emerging science suggests that natural immunity is as good as or better than vaccine-induced immunity. That’s why it’s so frustrating that the Biden administration has repeatedly argued that immunity conferred by vaccines is preferable to immunity caused by natural infection..."

Read the entire story.

Rand Paul

The Kill Chain: The lethal bureaucracy behind Obama’s drone war

The Intercept reports, "Secret military documents obtained by The Intercept offer rare documentary evidence of the process by which the Obama administration creates and acts on its kill list of terror suspects in Yemen and Somalia. The documents offer an unusual glimpse into the decision-making process behind the drone strikes and other operations of the largely covert war, outlining the selection and vetting of targets through the ranks of the military and the White House, culminating in the president’s approval of a 60-day window for lethal action.

The documents come from a Pentagon study, circulated in early 2013, evaluating the intelligence and surveillance technology behind the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) killing campaign in Yemen and Somalia in 2011 and 2012.

The study, carried out by the Pentagon’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Task Force, illuminates and in some cases contradicts the administration’s public description of a campaign directed at high-level terrorists who pose an imminent threat to the United States. It admits frankly that capturing terrorists is a rare occurrence and hints at the use of so-called signature strikes against unknown individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior.

The Intercept obtained two versions of the study, a longer presentation dated February 2013, and an executive summary from May 2013, which includes a slide showing the chain of command leading to the approval of a lethal strike."

Read the entire story.

Rand Paul

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