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Milley’s insubordination was not ‘courageous’

National Review’s Nate Hochman writes, “Bob Woodward thinks General Mark Milley’s secret talks with the Chinese military were “courageous.” In the face of the existential threat that Donald Trump posed to the republic, “the one courageous person who did something was General Milley,” the Washington Post journalist told Stephen Colbert in a Tuesday night interview…

…seizing power was exactly what Milley was doing. The nation’s highest-ranking military officer was taking matters into his own hands because he trusted his own judgment better than that of the man that Americans had elected to preside over the federal government. As the editors of National Review wrote last week, ‘Generals don’t get to have their own personal foreign policies. Period. They answer to the elected branches, and they must carry out every lawful directive and policy set by the people’s representatives.”

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Liberty Tree

If you have more than $600 in your bank account, the IRS wants to know

Freedomworks' Beverly McKittrick writes, "A Biden administration proposal, now being considered as a 'revenue raiser' in the $3.5+ trillion congressional budget legislation, would require banks and other financial institutions to report deposits and withdrawals for all accounts--business and personal--to the IRS. The reporting requirement would extend to services such as Venmo and PayPal. There is an exception for accounts totaling less than $600…

Ensuring taxpayers pay what they owe is important, but this proposal is Big Government overreach at its worst. It poses an unprecedented intrusion into the smallest details of Americans’ personal finances."

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Liberty Tree

Elizabeth Warren wants to bring back one of the worst pandemic policies

FEE's Brad Polumbo writes, "Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Cori Bush, progressive Democrats, just co-sponsored legislation to revive the eviction moratorium: the 'Keeping Renters Safe Act of 2021.'

Their bill would explicitly give the CDC the authority to re-enact the moratorium and compel it to do so. This new moratorium would potentially go even further, applying automatically to all rentals without tenants applying, as previously required. So, too, it would remain in place until 60 days beyond the 'conclusion of the public health emergency...'

In stark contrast to progressive misconceptions, many landlords and property owners are not 'rich' or members of 'the 1%.' In reality, the eviction moratorium bankrupted and devastated countless working-and-middle-class landlords."

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Liberty Tree

When will the media apologize for censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Liberty Tree

The CDC made America's pandemic worse

Reason's Peter Suderman writes, "The CDC is supposed to be America's frontline institution in the fight against infectious disease. Its job is to analyze viral threats, track their spread and development, and provide the public with relevant information about how to respond to outbreaks.

Not only did the agency do this job poorly in the early stages of the pandemic, but it actively hindered efforts that would have greatly improved America's response, and it made planning errors that were both predictable and avoidable. At nearly every stage of the pandemic, the CDC got things wrong and got in the way. Its failures almost certainly made America's pandemic worse."

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Rand Paul

Biden wants to further bankrupt next generation with $3.5 trillion bill

"Biden keeps trying to sell his $5,000,000,000,000 social welfare bill as benefiting 'the children.'


Who does he think is going to pay off this spending and debt? Not any of us. We will be dead.

CTUP in partnership with FreedomWorks has calculated how much every child born today would have to pay in higher taxes over the next 30 years if the Biden plan is enacted.

We will be bequeathing $300,000 of debt repayment to every child born today by 2050 in today’s dollars.

On behalf of my children and yours: gee, thanks, Joe."

Liberty Tree

After Denmark lifted COVID restrictions, cases are down 60%

FEE's Jon Miltimore writes, "On September 3 Denmark lifted all of its COVID restrictions, becoming the first country in the European Union to do so...

'Will the lifting of restrictions go well? Who knows,' tweeted Michael Bang Petersen, a scientist who advised Denmark and led the country's largest behavioral COVID-19 project. 'New variants may emerge & restrictions reappear. Yet, from a behavioral perspective, I am optimistic about the future.'

It’s been nearly three weeks since Denmark lifted restrictions, long enough to get the first glimpse of results from the Danish government’s decision...

And so far, the results are promising—and then some.

On September 3, Denmark’s 3-day rolling average of cases was 739. On September 21, the 3-day rolling average was 288. In other words, Denmark didn’t see a surge in cases after lifting all restrictions. To the contrary, cases fell by 60 percent. Deaths also remain low. Meanwhile, CNN reports there has been no notable increase in hospitalizations."

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Rand Paul

We still need to recover illegitimate PPP loans to Planned Parenthood

The Washington Examiner's Christopher Tremoglie writes, "Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is leading the charge to hold the Small Business Administration accountable for sending funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America using Paycheck Protection Program loans. This is the latest valiant attempt by Paul and the minority members of the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee to prevent the SBA from inexplicably providing funds to affiliates of the abortion giant throughout the country.

'The Small Business Administration has been illegally giving taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood entities across America,' Sen. Rand Paul told me. 'Today, I led the minority members of the Small Business Committee in standing united in opposition to allowing a vote on the SBA’s nominee for Deputy Administrator until the SBA Administration takes action to recover the wrongfully acquired funds.”

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Liberty Tree

Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending spree is a gift to the radical left

Freedomworks' Adam Brandon writes, "In recent weeks, President Joe Biden and his allies in Congress have pushed harder than ever to pass their radical $3.5 trillion budget.

Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have insisted that this legislation would greatly benefit the economy and middle class Americans if it’s passed. But this couldn’t be further from the truth...

It’s clear that President Biden’s budget is designed to benefit the radical left, not the American people. Voters must see this $3.5 trillion proposal for what it is: yet another effort to permanently expand the role of government in our lives.

Members of Congress must do everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t pass."

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Mike Lee

Why I am fighting to end the rubber stamp for war

In Congress, a substantive debate on war powers is long-overdue, and U.S. engagement in Afghanistan over the last decade and the recent blundered U.S. withdrawal present an opportunity for Congress to act today in order to prevent similar mistakes tomorrow. I along with my colleagues Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced the National Security Powers Act earlier this year, which would restore Congress’ role in national security decision-making, primarily in the war-powers arena.

Despite political differences, as members of the branch of government most accountable to the people, we all feel the weight of American blood and treasure sacrificed in our nation’s wars. After years of failed engagement in Afghanistan, Congress can no longer serve as a rubber stamp on the sidelines. Never, in our republic, should a president wield exclusive power over our nation’s wars.

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