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Will Stephen Colbert apologize to Rand Paul? Not likely

Rand Paul

Rand Paul scores perfect '100' on Republican Liberty Caucus Index

"The Republican Liberty Caucus has published its annual liberty-focused scorecard for the U.S. Senate…

The Liberty Score is obtained by calculating the percentage that a Senator votes in line with the RLC. For example, the highest possible Liberty Score is 100. This is achieved if a Senator voted with the RLC 100% of the time…

Congratulations to Senator Rand Paul for earning a perfect score of 100 on the 2022 Liberty Index!"

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Liberty Tree

Headlines last week declared natural immunity better protection than vaccines

Jeffrey Tucker writes, “Headlines last week declared natural immunity better protection than vaccines, based on a Lancet study Thursday that backed up a groundbreaking Israeli study from . . . August 2021. Yet vaccine mandates continue to block a full return to normalcy, and it’s taking a particularly hard toll on college kids.

Three years in — and well after COVID ceased to be a deadly, nationwide threat — many institutions are still reluctant to let go of pandemic restrictions. Parents have come to see how those lingering rules have hit the young especially hard. For college students, campuses feel forever altered under the weight of the ubiquitous refrain ‘to keep the community safe.”

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Liberty Tree

Health care is a personal decision. No petty campus tyranny should be able to dictate those decisions to you

Thomas Massie

Get the Feds out of our classrooms

Liberty Tree

$10 billion MORE for Ukraine?!

Liberty Tree

Never forget

Liberty Tree

The American people deserve answers about massive pandemic failures

Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya write, “Due to insufficient protection of older people — whose COVID-mortality risk is more than 1,000-fold higher than that of the young — official counts attribute more than 1 million deaths to COVID in the United States and almost 7 million worldwide. Though people vehemently disagreed about the wisdom of lockdowns, school closures, vaccine mandates and discrimination, masks and so much else, there is near-universal agreement that what we did failed.

By early 2022, about 95% of Americans had contracted COVID despite the harsh countermeasures. A John Hopkins University meta-analysis concluded that lockdowns failed to contain the spread of COVID. At best, they temporarily protected the laptop class, who could work from home while being served by the working class.

The pandemic response itself has wrought tremendous collateral harm. There is now broad agreement that the school closures — in some states running a year or more — have set kids behind in ways that will lead them to worse outcomes as adults, including shorter, poorer lives…

So the American people deserve answers to fundamental questions about the pandemic. On what empirical basis were schools closed? Did public-health decision-makers consider the harms of their policies? Why do American public-health authorities insist on masking children as young as 2 years old when mask wearing 'makes little or no difference' for COVID’s spread?

Perhaps the most perplexing sin of the public-health establishment is that it abandoned an essential commitment to science."

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Rand Paul

Remember when I got censored for saying masks don't work?

Rand Paul

More than $200 million in city-purchased COVID gear auctioned off for just $500,000

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