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Civil debate is an admired quality in a Republic. Justifying, mocking, or celebrating violence should be rejected

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I never thought social media was dangerous until it created a chimp frenzy for WWIII

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It’s shocking how many times information becomes misinformation

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There’s a reason regime Republicans and Democrats want to destroy Section 230: It protects the freedom of speech

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Whatever your views on what former CIA Director Leon Panetta calls the 'US proxy war' against Russia over Ukraine, where's the debate?

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Economist Jeffrey Sachs says U.S. likely blew up Nord Stream: 'You're not allowed to say these things in the West'

On Monday, a video clip of Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs saying he believed the United States more likely destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline than U.S. government claims that Russia did.

During an interview on Bloomberg TV, Sachs delved into "the destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline, which I would bet was a U.S. action, perhaps U.S. and Poland. That is speculation."

The Bloomberg host interjected, "Jeff, we've got to stop there. Why do you feel that was a U.S. action? What evidence do you have of that?"

Sachs proceeded to give the audience an earful.

Sachs explained, "Well, first, there is direct radar evidence that U.S. military helicopters that are normally based in Gdansk were circling over this area. We also had the threat from the U.S. [President Biden] earlier this year that 'one way or another we are going to end Nord Stream."

"We also had a remarkable statement from Sec. Blinken last Friday in a press conference where he said 'this is also a tremendous opportunity," Sachs continued. "That's a strange way to talk if you're worried about piracy on the international infrastructure of vital significance."

"I know it runs counter to our narrative, you're not allowed to say these things in the West, but the fact of the matter is all over the world when I talk to people, they think the U.S. did it," he admitted. "Even reporters on our papers that are involved tell me 'of course' [the U.S. did it], but it doesn't show up in our media."

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald wondered why journalists weren't asking who blew up Nord Stream rather than just accepting government claims at face value.

Some journalists have asked questions.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the bombing of the pipelines "offers a tremendous opportunity" three days before saying bombing them was "in no one's interest."

Back in January, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nulan said that "Nord Stream 2 will not move forward" if Russia invaded Ukraine.

President Joe Biden said the U.S. "would bring and end" to Nord Stream

That's a lot to work with. There should be more questions. Not less.

Rand Paul

It's time to stop digging the hole and get back to fiscal sanity

Thomas Massie

Why does Biden treat natural immunity like a conspiracy theory?

Liberty Tree

The people that brought you the Ministry of Truth are asking for you to inform on your doctors

Thomas Massie

Democrats in Congress are 100% dedicated to the COVID pharma cult

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