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Don’t call me LatinX

Rand Paul

Biden's censors want Russian-style speech controls and they haven't given up

“In America, we have not yet granted government the police power to criminalize misinformation, but not for trying. The American Left believes that the public should be protected from anyone who questions COVID-19 orthodoxy.

If a scientist, or an elected official, questions evidence for forcing booster vaccines on teenagers, the speech police want those questions forbidden.

Recently, I went to the Senate floor to protest a policy that commands booster COVID vaccines for the pages, pointing out that there is no scientific evidence that a booster lessens hospitalization or death for teenagers and it certainly doesn’t prevent transmission.

WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan agrees with me and has stated: ‘There is no evidence right now that healthy children or healthy adolescents need boosters. No evidence at all.

And yet, the Democrat and Republican overlords actually forced the pages to leave the Senate floor when I spoke, so that their young minds wouldn’t be tainted with what I presume they felt was disinformation. Only when I threatened to reveal the names of those involved in this ambush on Constitutional speech did they consent to allow a few pages back on the floor."

Read my entire column.

Thomas Massie

Cognitive dissonance

Liberty Tree

Turns out printing $5 trillion in less than 24 months is a bad idea. Who would have thought?

Thomas Massie

ZERO. That’s the number of murderers who have been deterred by the Gun-Free School Zones Act

Thomas Massie

'Gun Violence' is part of the language leftists use to shift blame away from evil perpetrators of violence

Liberty Tree

'We have this thing called the Constitution'

Liberty Tree

The new Left in America is no longer liberal - it's become a cheap authoritarian knockoff

Liberty Tree

If we're going to give billions to other countries, we can spend billions here to protect our kids

Liberty Tree

'Gun control is systematically racist—and it doesn't work'

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