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Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie

Thomas Massie

Merrick Garland refused to comment on how many federal agents were present in the crowd on Jan. 6th

Watch the video.

Just saying.

Thomas Massie

No vaccine mandates for children

CNN reports, “The White House on Wednesday unveiled its plans to roll out Covid-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11, pending US Food and Drug Administration authorization.”

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Thomas Massie

Joe and Jill Biden ignore DC mask mandate

The New York Post reports, “President Biden and first lady Jill Biden flouted Washington, DC’s indoor mask mandate Saturday night when they were filmed walking maskless through a high-end Italian restaurant — with critics quickly blasting the first couple as “hypocrites.”

The Bidens were caught on camera leaving Fiola Mare in Georgetown with their masked-up Secret Service agents in tow, according to videos posted on social media.

Biden could be seen carrying his mask in both hands as he left the pricey seafood establishment overlooking the Potomac River.

His wife did not appear to be carrying her mask as she left.

Wearing masks inside is mandatory in DC after Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser reinstated an indoor mask mandate in July.”

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Thomas Massie

I opposed the first $2 trillion dollar package when no one else would - now they complain

The Washington Examiner's (and Liberty Tree's) Jack Hunter wrote in April 2020, "Exactly three weeks ago, Rep. Thomas Massie enraged all of Washington when he attempted to force a roll-call vote on the massive $2 trillion coronavirus relief package.

The libertarian-leaning Kentucky Republican’s move would have required members of Congress, including those who are elderly and among the most threatened by the novel coronavirus, to return to Washington. Massie was attacked and called a 'Grandstander,' 'Un-American,' and even a 'Masshole' by many high-ranking officials.

'The tragedy of this bill is it’s a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the moneyed class,' Massie warned on March 30.

As many citizens received their stimulus payments this week, many also noticed that aspects of this aid looked rotten. For starters, while mom-and-pop restaurants battled to get their pieces of the $350 billion 'Payback Protection Program,' large chain restaurants got them first .

While small businesses of all types, from salons to bars to auto shops, waited for relief, some hedge funds had applied ahead of them for a loan . So many big businesses and others applied that by Thursday, the money ran out .

Many little guys are still desperately waiting. Still, the rich got theirs."

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Thomas Massie

You can temporarily prop up the stock market… the result is inflation

Los Angeles's KTLA reports, "Another jump in consumer prices in September sent inflation up 5.4% from where it was a year ago, matching the largest increase since 2008 as tangled global supply lines continue to create havoc.

U.S. consumer prices rose 0.4% in September from August as the costs of new cars, food, gas, and restaurant meals all jumped.

The annual increase in the consumer price index matched readings in June and July as the highest in 13 years, the Labor Department said Wednesday. "

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Thomas Massie

'The denial of religious accommodations... would be contrary to federal law & morally reprehensible'

The Washington Post reports, “The archbishop of the U.S. military is arguing that Catholic troops should not be forced to receive the coronavirus vaccine if it “would violate the sanctity” of their conscience, as thousands of active-duty service members remain unvaccinated ahead of a December mandate deadline.

Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio said in a statement Tuesday that although the Catholic Church’s highest doctrinal authority has determined that being vaccinated is not sinful, U.S. troops still can refuse vaccination on religious grounds. He cited Pope Paul VI, who wrote that a man “is not to be forced to act in a manner contrary to his conscience.”

“Notwithstanding the moral permissibility of these vaccines, the Church treasures her teaching on the sanctity of conscience,” wrote Broglio, who has supported the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate for U.S. troops. “Accordingly, no one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience.”

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Thomas Massie

Let's get physical

Thomas Massie

Why are Democrats OK with government monitoring every American's bank account?

Fox Business reports, “Congress is out of town but the debate over Democrats' massive reconciliation spending bill continues, including over one provision that would require banks to report the inflows and outflows of any account with more than $600 in activity per year to the IRS.

Biden highlighted the provision in a Sept. 16 speech, pushing the bill as a way to go after rich people and close the wealth gap.

'It would ask just for two pieces of information from the banks of these folks – the amounts that come into their bank accounts and the amounts that go out of their bank accounts,' Biden said. The president added that this is so they can 'pay what they owe, what the existing tax code calls for."

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Thomas Massie

Ron Paul was right

Yes he was.

Thomas Massie

Another study shows natural immunity from infection is better than vaccine induced immunity

Reuters reports, "Secondary immune response stronger after infection than vaccination...

The immune system response to infection appears to outshine its response to vaccines when it comes to memory B cells. Regardless of whether antibodies are induced by infection or vaccine, their levels drop within six months in many people. But memory B cells stand ready to produce new antibodies if the body encounters the virus..."

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