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Nobody has stronger opinions about Joe Rogan than people who have never listened to Joe Rogan

Liberty Tree

Surgeon general: silence Joe Rogan!

Jack Hunter

Nancy Mace wants to end federal prohibition of cannabis

Forbes reported on Tuesday about Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s efforts to end federal prohibition of cannabis through her States Reform Act. The story details how both corporate giant Amazon and Charles Koch’s free market advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, are on board.

The piece also digs into the reasons why Mace thinks legalizing cannabis should be a Republican issue.

Libertarian-leaning Republicans like Mace, Rep. Thomas MassieSen. Rand Paul, and others have long tried to demonstrate how 'big government' can harm Americans in ways that go beyond taxation and overreaching bureaucracy.

The war on drugs has ruined countless lives for generations, particularly for racial minorities.

Read the entire story.

Liberty Tree

The surgeon general wants to censor Joe Rogan

Mike Lee

Parents should be able to choose where their children go to school

Rand Paul

Fauci's science has only increased vaccine hesitancy

“President Joe Biden warned those of us who are unvaccinated that we would be in for nuclear winter of death, dismay, and punishment for our recalcitrance.

Suffering and death would be our just reward for defying Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mandates.

And then the Omicron variant came and infected everyone, regardless of their vaccination status. Even Democrats thrice vaccinated, wearing N95 masks, earplugs, and goggles got Omicron.

It seems the virus ignored the Biden directive to selectively attack ‘deplorables.’

Blame is still heaped on anyone who dares to make their own decisions regarding vaccination. In fact, a recent poll of Democrats indicates that about half of those surveyed actually believe that it's justifiable to indefinitely detain people who refuse to be vaccinated.

And then came Omicron, indiscriminate in its attack.

In fact, some studies showed the vaccine actually having a negative efficacy after 90 days, meaning the vaccinated were more likely to become infected than the unvaccinated.”

Read the entire column.

Thomas Massie

Sanctions always punish innocent citizens

Rand Paul

The U.S. shouldn't be dragged into another war

“It is no secret that I have had a lot of foreign policy disagreements with the bipartisan War Caucus in Washington D.C. during my time in office. From Iraq to Syria, and Yemen to Afghanistan, it seems that there is always a war they want to be in.

I was heartened when President Trump spoke of stopping our ‘endless wars’ and I was hoping for more restraint from President Biden. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his history and it doesn’t seem to be his current direction. The endless wars are ramping up again even as I write today.

The war-as-first-resort crowd, including the Biden Administration, put 8,500 troops on heightened alert for possible deployment to Eastern Europe. Folly best describes the idea of sending a small contingent off to a potentially big war. This mistake was made in Syria and elsewhere in recent years…

From our perspective, Ukraine should not and cannot be our problem to solve. It is not our place to defend them in a struggle with their longtime adversary, Russia. There is no national security interest for the United States…

The neocons are trying to fool people that NATO entrance would lead to deterrence and peace, when in fact it is a recipe for war and disaster.”

Read the entire column.


Thomas Massie

COVID-19 has become a religion to Democrat primary voters

Jack Hunter

Populists on the right are now openly challenging Republican war lust

My latest at Responsible Statecraft, “The fight on the right for what constitutes a conservative or Republican foreign policy continues. This time the battlefront is Russia and Ukraine.

That there is a fissure on this issue among conservatives is in a way, a big deal, showing that the 'America First' restraint approach that garnered support among the base didn’t go away completely when power changed hands in Washington and its chief advocate, Donald Trump, left town. Unfortunately, many Republicans have gone back to form and are talking like it’s the post 9/11-era — as if Trump’s criticisms of George W. Bush’s wars and nation-building had no effect on their party whatsoever…

Suddenly more conservatives and Republicans began speaking out against the prospect of U.S. military action in the region.

‘The United States should not be involved in any future war in Ukraine,’ charged libertarian populist Republican Congressman Thomas Massie on Monday.”

Read the entire column.

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