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Thomas Massie

Joe Biden is still fighting to implement masks on airplanes

From my appearance on Fox Business on Tuesday:

"Sen. Rand Paul and I and about 20 other congressman filed a suit against CDC over the masked airplane mandate. Now another group’s file matured before ours and they got an injunction. That’s why you don’t have to wear masks on airplanes right now. But we filed an amicus brief in their case since it’s moved quicker than ours.

And would you believe it? Joe Biden is still fighting to implement masks on airplanes. The people have moved on, but he’s fighting us in court to keep that mandate. It’s just not constitutional.

The other lawsuit that I have is against Nancy Pelosi on her mask mandate in the House. She actually reduced our salaries for refusing to wear the mask. We think that’s a violation of the 27th Amendment and we’re ready to go to the Supreme Court to prove it."

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