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Rand Paul

'Masks dehumanize'

The Spectator’s Chadwick Moore writes, “On the streets of any city, the forever-masked are broadcasting their allegiance to authoritarianism, letting you know they’re most comfortable somewhere on a hierarchy of coercion, whether among the hopelessly obedient, or tyrants themselves.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You now have a visual cue letting you know exactly who you’re dealing with and who to avoid. By now, if a masked person approaches you with a grievance, you pretty much know there’s nothing worth engaging with and you have permission to treat them accordingly.

But not all of our neighbors have free will when it comes to masks. There’s something eerie going on now, where liberal leadership still requires low-wage workers and people in service to continue to mask up. If you can sit for a meal at a restaurant and fully enjoy yourself while those serving you, and no one else, are still forced to shroud half their faces, there’s something wrong with you. The help have no faces, which, you get the impression, is exactly how the people who make the rules prefer it.

Masks dehumanize. They sever and isolate us from one another.”

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