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Rand Paul

End U.S. missile sales to Saudi Arabia

The American Conservative’s Geoff Lamear writes, “In response to the proposed sale of U.S. missiles to Saudi Arabia, Senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are leading a bipartisan effort to oppose the sale. This is still a fight of David and Goliath, as Congress has never successfully stopped an arms sale.

It’s time for that to change.

While President Biden has pledged to end support for 'offensive operations,' U.S. support for Saudi Arabia has continued under the guise of defense…

While attention on Saudi Arabia is warranted, many have failed to notice that the U.S. quietly allowed the UAE to continue receiving $23 billion in U.S. arms. A U.S. official also confirmed last week that the UAE is slated to receive advanced F-35 fighter jets despite the UAE’s continued involvement and possible war crimes in Yemen. Amid reports that the UAE allowed the construction of Chinese military facilities, the U.S. needs to stop its blank-check support for a government that doesn’t reciprocate. Just as with Saudi Arabia, neutrality would better insulate the U.S. from conflicts that don’t threaten Americans.”

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