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Mike Lee

Mike Lee

I am a United States Senator from the great state of Utah. Please help me restore constitutional leadership to Washington.

Mike Lee

Thank you, Utah. Your voice has been heard tonight. I'm honored to be your Senator

Mike Lee

Inflation robs from the poor and middle class

"We now have the greatest deficit spending in history which causes high inflation. It is like running up the credit card. You feel great until the bill comes due.

100 years ago the United States and Argentina had economies that were about the same size. Argentina went on a spending spree causing high inflation and hurting its economy. Their inflation rate is now 95% and interest rates are 75%. If we don’t change, our economy will also tumble.

Inflation robs from the poor and middle class. Over a three-year period, the average person will permanently lose about 25% of their income and savings. (The rich have assets that rise with inflation.) The youth are hurt the most as their chances for a good life become limited. Our children don’t deserve this."

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Mike Lee

The government is making you less powerful. They’re making you poorer. That must stop

Mike Lee

Ending government binge spending has never been more important for American families

Mike Lee

Despite the 'Inflation Reduction Act,' Utahns still pay an extra $949 monthly due to inflation

Mike Lee

I’m honored to have Tulsi Gabbard's support

Mike Lee

Sen. Mike Lee: 'The average Utah family, today, is having to spend an additional $949 a month'

Salt Lake City’s ABC4 reports, "Inflation is up more than 8% from this time last year in the United States. You are likely feeling it every time you make a trip to the store. Utah farmers say while grocery prices are increasing, they’re not getting rich.

U.S. senators from Utah say it’s time for the federal government to cut its spending to slow inflation.

'Well, until the corn maze idea came up, I was really, seriously thinking of just cashing out,' Blair McFarland told ABC4. For decades, McFarland has been a dairy farmer in Weber County, but it’s becoming harder to make a living.

'The cost of everything,' McFarland said. 'Fertilizer’s doubled, chemicals are 70% up, seed prices went up some, our labor costs, and then certainly fuel…'

“The average Utah family, today, is having to spend an additional $949 a month,” Sen. Mike Lee said. “Every single month on their basic monthly household expenses.”

Sen. Lee emphasized the issue by saying: “[They’re] no longer in a position where they’re just cutting out luxuries for necessities. They’re cutting out one necessity for another.'

"We can’t handle more of this," Lee added.

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Mike Lee's Utah Senate race is tight.

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Mike Lee

The bipartisan FORMULA 2.0 Act gets us closer to ending the formula shortage

Mike Lee

We are on a dangerous path

Mike Lee

I will continue to fight against these unconscionable vaccine mandates on our servicemembers

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