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Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter

Why Republicans should have joined Massie⁩ in voting against the antisemitism resolution

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “On Wednesday, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie was the only member of the House to vote ‘no’ on a resolution that condemned rising antisemitism.

His vote had nothing to do with tolerating hate. This didn’t stop many from instantly and eagerly jumping to this conclusion…

Massie voted against this resolution for reasons similar to why he has tried to repeal the Patriot Act in the past: It could violate Americans’ basic liberties.

The bill asks that social media ‘institute stronger and more significant efforts to measure and address online antisemitism while protecting free speech concerns.’ Politicians dictating to social media and other platforms how to operate is a problem for anyone who still cares about free speech.”

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Jack Hunter

Stand against the authoritarian Left, stand up for free speech, stand up for liberalism

Jack Hunter

Every House Democrat just voted to draw U.S. ‘deeper into war’ in Ukraine

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “On Monday, a New York Times headline blared ‘Biden Speeds Up Military Aid to Ukraine, Drawing U.S. Deeper Into War.’

The Times reported (emphasis added), ‘When President Biden signed a modern-day Lend-Lease Act on Monday, 81 years after the original version helped lead the way into World War II, he effectively thrust the United States even deeper into another war in Europe that has increasingly become an epic struggle with Russia despite his efforts to define its limits.’

‘Recent days have underscored just how engaged the United States has become in the conflict in Ukraine,’ the report noted.

Engaged indeed.

On Tuesday, the House voted to give Biden his spending package. Every single Democrat – including the Squad – voted for it.

57 Republicans voted against it.”

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Jack Hunter

Free speech as a 'right wing value'

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “Seemingly overnight, the old consensus about free speech as an American ideal was now being painted as a partisan cause that Musk and others were somehow misguidedly obsessed with.

Canadian conservative politician Andrew Scheer said that the corporate media was beginning to portray free speech as a ‘right wing value.’

He isn’t wrong. You don’t have to search far at the moment to see the establishment media taking its cue from the Democratic Party, telling us that free expression in America is now more of an oddity than an inalienable right.”

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Jack Hunter

Rand Paul is not wrong to note that history might have something to do with how wars happen

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “When Sen. Rand Paul questioned Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday, Left and neocon Twitter erupted in outrage accusing Paul of using Putin’s talking points and siding with Russia.

Why? Because in an over ten minute exchange with Blinken, in which Paul drove home that Ukraine’s desire to join NATO was a factor in the current conflict (something even Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky admits), Paul also noted that Georgia and Ukraine were former parts of the Soviet Union.

Twitter went mad. You would have thought Paul had joined the Russian army. In spite of Paul repeatedly noting that Russia had no moral justification in invading Ukraine, leftists and neocons made it sound like Paul was driving a Russian tank across Ukraine’s border.

This is what happened to his dad too.”

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Jack Hunter

Elon Musk just saved free speech on Twitter using the ultimate libertarian solution

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “The richest man in the world bought Twitter and has vowed to restore free speech to this private platform. If he fails to live up to this promise, we will face the same dilemma as before where private platforms that still operate as vast public squares are controlled by a censorious few.

So what do we have to lose?

We don’t want the Biden administration or a possible second Trump administration regulating our speech. Last week, President Barack Obama said that the federal government must begin “regulating” private social media companies.


Obama is wrong to want to get the government involved. Those who wanted to repeal Section 230 were wrong for the same reason. Twitter’s old owners were wrong to censor in the first place.

And Elon Musk might end up being wrong at some point too, but given his stated free speech goal and every other factor involved, we’ll take our chances on the guy who just used the ultimate libertarian solution to save Twitter.”

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Jack Hunter

Obama makes it clear the Left isn’t going to tolerate free speech anymore

From my latest at BASEDPolitics,” The government must regulate speech platforms to keep us ‘safe,’ Obama claimed.

'In a democracy, we can rightly expect companies to subject the design of their products and services to some level of scrutiny,’ the former president said. ‘At minimum, they should have to share that information with researchers and regulators who are charged with keeping the rest of us safe.’

Obama made the distinction between public and private companies when it comes to censorship as a key component of this debate. But what he didn’t confront is the glaring trend of the average Democratic voters agreeing with him about the need to censor ‘disinformation’ on the internet. Obama ignored that much of what has been called disinformation in recent times included legit news and basic political expression.

Everyone is for free speech in theory, including believing that open and robust expression is key to any functioning democracy, as Obama noted. But if the Hunter Biden laptop story can be categorized as ‘disinformation,’ and it clearly was. If the theory that COVID-19 might have originated in a Chinese lab can be called disinformation, and it was. If what Joe Rogan or Dave Chappelle say can be deemed false by left-leaning regulators at Twitter or in government…

How would that not be suppression of democratic free and open speech of the most basic kind?”

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Jack Hunter

'Neocons seem to be the most beloved and influential people within... the Democratic Party'

Jack Hunter

The FBI is ramping up social media surveillance. What could possibly go wrong?

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “The Washington Post reported this week that the FBI is spending $27 million to ramp up the agency’s surveillance of social media. The FBI claims it will only monitor information that is already available and visible to the public at large.

You see, they aren’t doing anything bad. The FBI will only be looking at stuff any of us can look at.

What could possibly go wrong?”

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Jack Hunter

Rand Paul has a plan to make lawmakers read the bills before they vote

From my latest at BASEDPolitics, “After the Senate passed a $1.5 trillion, 2,471-page spending package earlier this month, Rand Paul marveled at the fact that his colleagues could do this in ‘the middle of the night’ and ‘just hours before we were expected to vote on it.’

The answer is they couldn’t have possibly read the legislation.

Leo Tolstoy’s classic War and Peace would take almost an estimated 38 hours to read—and the novel is less than half the length of the spending package at a mere 1,296 pages.

There is no way the politicians who signed off on this thing could have properly digested it. They just voted with the herd. That’s how things are done in Washington.

Sen. Paul doesn’t think it should be this way.”

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