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Why was Jay Bhattacharya blacklisted on Twitter? He met with Elon Musk to find out

The New York Post reports, “Twitter CEO Elon Musk invited a Stanford professor to the social media giant’s headquarters Saturday to begin looking at why the old regime acted so 'imperiously' and placed the epidemiologist on a blacklist for arguing that COVID lockdowns would harm children.

Stanford University professor of medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya was one of many on the platform’s 'blacklist,' according to the second installment of the 'Twitter Files,' which was released on Dec. 8 by the Free Press reporter Bari Weiss.

On Sunday, Bhattacharya tweeted that he spent Saturday at Twitter headquarters after receiving an invite from Musk."

Bhattacharya explained what he learned during his visit in a series of tweets.

Bhattacharya was an important voice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when he challenged some of the conventional wisdom coming from the federal government that he was later proven right about.

We should be grateful that Twitter now seems to be a place where debate can take place once again and doesn't require everyone to follow the CDC or government line.

It's easy to understand why Dr. Jay Bhattacharya would be grateful for the seemingly new and improved Twitter 2.0.

Read the entire story.

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