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They just keep closing schools and mandating masks

Reason’s Matt Welch writes, “Given this week's surprise drubbing at the polls—not just in VirginiaNew Jersey, and Long Island, but also in many of the estimated 117 school districts where board seats were contested on the issues of COVID-19 response, race-based policies, or sex/gender concerns—you would think that Democrats, educators, and public health officials might show a tad more sensitivity toward citizen weariness of pandemic restrictions and K-12 imperiousness.

Haha, who am I kidding, pass the Klonopin.

Did you know that Loudoun County Public Schools District—yes the Loudoun County, ground zero of the parental revolt against Democratic school governance—was 100 percent distance learning this week due to 'staffing shortages,' and that Wednesday and Friday were called off just days in advance?…

Nope, nunca, no more. In this family, we do not believe in junk science. We need to rip the masks off, not just from government mandates, but the whole grinning Condescension Complex, that only wants you—and especially your politically powerless kids—to sacrifice just a little bit more, just a few more months, get this cold and flu season behind us, until it's time for the next booster, then maybe we can talk about full-time K-12 school in 2022–23, and masks will only be mandatory in every government structure from here to eternity.

We no longer wipe down our groceries, padlock our playgrounds, or set the default on school opening to be 'closed.' All of those took 15 months too long in blue states, but we take victories over anti-science superstition where we can get them. It's time for the next idiotic interventions to be either abandoned or forcibly undone, beginning with masking elementary school kids who were safe even before getting access to the vaccine. If you think Tuesday was a bad day for Democratic busybodies, let them keep trying to squeeze the walls in on this rat cage of an American life."

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